Raw data: Hong Kong Budget 2006-2014

In the public interest, the South China Morning Post is releasing all the data extracted in the conception of its interactive graphics package “Deconstructing the Hong Kong Budget” (article).

The extent and granularity of the raw data released today is unprecedented for the Hong Kong Budget, superseding previous work done at the University of Hong Kong.

The data is primarily provided in CSV format (other cities in Google Document format) and concerns numbers contained in PDF files published on the estimates page of every year's budget. Because several heads of expenditure changed between 2005 and 2006, we arbitrarily decided on 2006 as a cut-off year for the data.

Numbers were extracted from the PDF files through automated methods. Data representing the finest granularity, such as expenditures per programme, were verified against totals on summary PDF files to ensure that the numbers balance.

Any use of the data is welcome -- and we welcome links back. We ask that you cite the South China Morning Post along uses of the data that you might be publishing, including graphics and news articles.

Data download

Hong Kong fiscal years start on April 1, such that 2014 represents 2014-15. Figures for Hong Kong are in $’000, except for expenditures per programme (HK$ million). Also, unless mentioned otherwise, years in the CSV files are for the years of the report, not the year the number concerns. E.g. column actual with year 2014 in fact points to the actual figure for 2012. Refer to original estimates documents for more information on this.

-- Posted on 2014-03-05 at 6:15 p.m. HKT

Contact: Cedric Sam <cedric.sam@scmp.com>